Minecraft snapshot 12w34b торрент и супер 1 59 торрент

Dec 9, 2015 Bugs. More bugs. They are everywhere. But more and more of them get removed every week. So here is another development snapshot that. May 3, 2017 We're getting close to releasing 1.12 now, this weeks snapshot brings us even more bug fixes, some optimisations, and a couple of new. Mar 30, 2017 17w13b. Update! We have updated the snapshot to version 17w13b with the following changes: Bug MC-114881 - Some entity block models. Minecraft snapshot 14w06b. Posted on Feb 6, 2014 by Dinnerbone. 14w06a. Update: A 'b' snapshot has been released to fix some nasties. Changelog.

Apr 26, 2017 Last week was the last week to introduce new features for 1.12, and starting from this week we are focusing on polishing the new features.

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