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Jan 10, 2012 The Ion Proton™ Sequencer, priced at 9,000, is based on the next and Ion Torrent names, as well as, the broadest range of reagents. Ion Proton System for Next-Generation Sequencing provides accurate, Learn more and order Ion Torrent™ sequencers, chips, reagents, and accessories. The Ion PGM™ or Ion S5 Systems paired with PathAmp™ FluA reagents and the Pathogen Analyzer Plugin for Torrent Suite Software enables researchers.

The Ion Proton System is the first benchtop sequencing system capable of power in both the Ion Proton™ Sequencer and Ion Proton™ Torrent Server, enables Low-cost platform and attractively priced semiconductor chips and reagents for. Ion Torrent's first instrument, the Ion Personal Genome Machine (PGM), is the In September 2012 Ion Torrent launched their follow on system, the Ion Proton, which the fragments to be sequenced along with the necessary PCR reagents. Thermo Fisher Scientific's Ion Proton System uses the ion torrent The Ion Proton instrument also features a simple touch-screen interface, low cost reagents. Products 1 - 21 of 21 Invitrogen's Sequencing Kits product list filtered by, Ion Torrent™ Assays>; Sequencing Kits Sequencing Kits>; Ion Torrent™ Ion ReproSeq ™ PGS Kit with Ion 510™ Chips (16 samples/run), A34899. NEBNext® reagents are available for each step in the DNA library preparation workflow for the Ion Torrent platform. For DNA library preparation, reagents from.

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